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10801_Live Life Light Adventure Retreats

Life is one great big adventure, even more so when we say yes and show up to it honestly and courageously. I believe a better self is always possible today and every day, as long as we keep exploring. Adventure travel has always been the primary means of my continuous search for a better self. It has slowed time for me and helped me become more, it has heightened my senses and every challenge I overcome along the way, inspires me. The memories last forever and recalling them is always humbling.

Going on a health retreat, wellness yoga retreat, or any kind of adventure raises your tolerance for uncertainty. Placing your self in situations where things don’t always go as planned, such as on an adventure trip — helps you learn to cope with the uncertainties in life of which there is no shortage.

Adventure travel ignites the human spirit.

My aspiration for the live life light adventure retreats is to bring to others what travel has brought to me, a new way of seeing not just the world but ourselves as we exist on this planet, to reveal the hidden capabilities that lie within us, to walk the seemingly endless footsteps, to learn the always inevitable lessons, to learn that letting go is a necessity for survival, longevity and health and of course the beautiful connections made in human kindness along the way.

I love to share the experience of travel, challenges, connections, and meaningful conversations because I believe what Nelson Mandela says; “There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered”. I want to share the adventure travel experience with as many people as possible. So far, I’ve hosted sold out retreats in Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

To me, it’s not the activity or destination that defines adventure it’s the moment we make the decision to do something different, if ever so slightly, and to step outside of our comfort zone that defines it.

I wish to inspire all people to step out of their comfort zones physically, emotionally and spiritually. To bring people together into a safe, healing and non-judgmental space while guiding the work that needs to be done to let go of the crap that weighs us down. To facilitate workshops where we ask the important questions about who we are, who we want to be, how we are going to get there, why we were put on this earth and to connect people who desire inspiration from others and are actively seeking the same things.

Life Long friendships will be made.

When we travel through life we bring stuff with us, maybe we bring a full suitcase that we had to sit on to zip up, full of stuff we won’t even need or wear. Hands up for those that always over pack! But we also take our stressed bodies, our broken hearts, and all the things that this thing called life, a life lived in a world that glorifies busy, brings us.

Wherever you go there you are.

We outgrow ourselves. That’s why we have to let go of things, or else we’re just carrying around things that no longer fit us or are weighing us down.

Simply by living you’re already on an adventure, whether you like it or not. I’m just sayin' we may as well make it good! Live the life you desire. Starting with only small shifts, a shift in thought will cause a shift in decision that will shift the choice made hence, a shift in results. Herein lies the power in knowing how you experience life is up to you, in totality.

When we travel somewhere new we see new sights and we think new thoughts as a result and by the time we leave we always feel differently, travel changes us, travel ignites the light we need to see ourselves more clearly.

I’ve learnt that the feelings from my journeys are always a result of how I choose to approach my travel experience.

Travel has teaches us about choice where even more new perspectives are gained and we learn to cope with new situations and we gain resilience.

The specific places we go usually aren’t as memorable as the journey we took to get there, the things our senses picked up on while we were there, the connections we made and how we felt when we left is what we use to tell our stories. Our senses form our memories.

Every moment we are alive is an experience from which to grow and learn. It’s all part of the journey and the sooner we realize and accept this the sooner we feel more alive. This world is such a beautiful place and we have so little time to see and experience it.

Life is an adventure, your adventure and it’s up to you how you want to experience it and live it. Adventure waits for all of us in every moment we choose to live our lives to the fullest.

Live your life as the adventure it is meant to be. It’s simple;

  • Dream

  • Plan

  • Go

  • Share

  • Dream bigger


Live Life Light.

That adventure is in you. I suggest packing light.

Warning: The Live Life Light Adventure retreats will feed your dreams and build your confidence.

Traveling will become addictive. Experiencing one wild ride on the magic carpet just doesn’t seem to be enough; your soul will quickly call for more. Each time you travel, you will find yourself changing. Live Life Light Adventure will build your confidence; and with each successive one, you will challenge yourself just a little bit more. You will be inspired with new knowledge and friendships to empower your life!

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